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School Declaration

  1. School Support Notice
  2. School Act, Section 135 All Individuals who own property located in a municipality where both a public school district and a Roman Catholic Separate School District exist are required to file this notice when a property is acquired. An individual may file a notice at any subsequent time
  3. Consistent with the Constitution of Canada, The School Act Provides:
  4. 1. The individuals whoa re Roman Catholic must direct their taxes in support of schools to the Roman Catholic separate school district.
  5. 2. That all other individuals must direct their taxes in support of school to the the public school district.
  6. 3. Where 2 or more individuals (where 1 or more is Roman Catholic) own property, they must direct their taxes in proportion of their ownership. Joint owners are deemed to own properties in equal shares, e.g. two property owners, one roman catholic and the other is not: 50% Public, 50% separate; or three property owners all having equal shares, one Roman Catholic and the other two are not: 66.7% Public, 33.3% separate.
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  8. I am of the Roman Catholic Faith:
  9. I am of the Roman Catholic Faith
  10. I am of the Roman Catholic Faith
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