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Budget 2020: Your Citizens Budget

  1. Welcome to Budget 2020: Your Citizens Budget Survey!

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate in this survey. Your responses will help guide the Town of Slave Lake with its 2020 budget planning. The results from this survey will be available on the town website after the survey has closed. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The deadline for completing this survey is Thursday October 31st, 2019.

  2. Where in the Town of Slave Lake do you reside? *

  3. If you were to break down $1.00 of taxes in 2019, it would be divided across all Town services in the following way:

  4. Dollar Colour

  5. Colour Dollar Break Down 2

  6. In 2019, a one per cent increase in taxes was the equivalent of approximately $80,000 in additional revenue for the Town of Slave Lake. Were you aware of this?

  7. How familiar are you with the Municipality's operating budget?

  8. Overall, how would you rate the way the Town allocates and uses Town funds?

  9. From your perspective, and recognizing that not everything is within Town control, what are the most important issues facing the Town at the present time?

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  10. Now knowing how 2019 taxes were broken down, if you were in charge of the budget which areas would you increase or decrease in 2020?

  11. In 2019 and in previous years, council has dedicated financial and administration resources to numerous issues facing Slave Lake. If you were in control of the Town Budget in 2020 would you increase funding and resources, decrease funding and resources, or keep funding and resources the same for the following items?

  12. Municipal property taxes are the primary way to pay for services provided by the Municipality. Which of the following four options would you like the Town to consider in 2020?

  13. If you chose a tax increase in the above question where would you suggest the increase be spent?

    Select as many as applicable

  14. If you chose zero tax increase or a reduction in the above question, where would you suggest service reductions be made?

    Select as many as applicable

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