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  1. Coffee with Council Questions

    Have a Question that you want answered during the Coffee with Council Open House on May 21st? Submit it today!

  2. Town of Slave Lake Community Events Newsletters

    Submit your upcoming event before the 24th of each month to be shown in the Town of Slave Lake Community Events Newsletter

  3. Town of Slave Lake COVID-19 Newsletter

    The Town of Slave Lake will be releasing a COVID-19 Newsletter with information on Business Closures, Business Hours, Programming which... More…

  4. Town of Slave Lake Vlog Questions from Residents

    Have a question, or topic you want discussed in our Slave Lake VLOGS? Well submit your name and your questions today and have your... More…

  5. Water Odour Locations

    If you are still experiencing Water Odours in your Residence please fill out this online form.

  1. Facebook Live With Mayor Warman : Topic COVID-19

    On Monday March 16th, at 5:00 PM Mayor Warman will be hosting a Facebook Live Question and Answer Town Hall to update residents on how... More…

  2. Town of Slave Lake COVID-19 : Community Support Services

    Are you offering a service of support, or program for residents to utilize during the COVID-19? The Town of Slave Lake is compiling a... More…

  3. Town of Slave Lake Electronic Newsletter

    Sign up today to receive the NEW Town of Slave Lake weekly Newsletter

  4. Virtual Town Hall with Mayor Warman : Topic COVID-19

    To help informed our residents on COVID-19, Mayor Warman will be sitting down to answer your questions about COVID-19. Submit you... More…