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Third Party and Political Electronic Sign Advertising

  1. One Facility Electronic Sign:
  2. Static Image - One Facility Sign
    For Not-For-Profit Organizations
  3. Which Facility Electronic Sign Would Your Like Your Advertisement to Air?
  4. All Facility Electronic Signs:
  5. Static Image - All Facility Signs
    For For Not-For-Profit Organizations
  6. Community Electronic Sign:
  7. Both Community Electronic Signs
    For Not-For-Profit Organizations
  8. Community and Facility Electronic Signs:
  9. Facility Signs And Community Electronic Signs
    For Not-For-Profit Organizations
  10. Please note that longer advertising contracts are available, please contact 780-849-8033 or for more details.
  11. Prices are subject to applicable taxes
  12. (Maximum 12 Words)
  13. High Resolution JPEG and PNG are required
  14. Billing Information
  15. Once form is submitted a proof will be sent to the email provided above within two business days. Upon approval of proof, the advertisement will begin airing on date requested to begin.
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