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Slave Lake Economic Development Advisory Committee

  1. Mandate

    To enhance and further economic development opportunities in the Slave Lake region, the Town of Slave Lake is looking to establish an Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) comprised of members from the local and regional business community. The EDAC will assist the Town of Slave Lake and Council in supporting, enhancing, and promoting business and economic activity within Slave Lake. The EDAC’s role is to review, advise, and support Slave Lake Economic Development on local matters relating to the economy, tourism, business community, and to act as a liaison between the Town of Slave Lake and the business community. 

  2. Membership

    Participation in the committee is voluntary with members selected from the business community at large based on their demonstrated interest and participation in business matters, academic or technical qualifications, availability, work and volunteer experience, and knowledge and professional expertise. The preferred qualifications for members of the EDAC are: 

    • Knowledge of business operations and the needs of businesses in the Town and Region; and 
    • Experience working with community and Indigenous governments and other regional and local organizations supporting businesses in the Town and Region. 
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