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Commemorative Lighting at Renee Hall Plaza Application

  1. Dates Requested
  2. The LED light poles at Rennie Hall Plaza can be programmed to emit various colours. During normal operations, the light colour will be varied and may reflect seasonal celebrations. To commemorate the following occasions, the lights will reflect the following colours:
  3. Screenshot 2022-12-14 105144
  4. The Town may recognize other occasions.
  5. Community applications may be made to the Town to commemorate additional occasions. Applications must be from not-for profit or community organizations:
    • Shall be submitted 3 weeks prior to the requested dates.
    • Applications are processed in order in which they are received, on a case-by-case basis.
    • Applications will not supersede the events noted above.
    • Applications will support an event of national or international significance, a local festival of event that positively promotes local community spirit, or a local, national or international awareness issue that builds community (such as End Bullying Pink Shirt Day).
    • All applications will be presented to Council for consideration.
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