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St. Mary of the Lake

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St. Mary of the Lake School offers a variety of programs to best serve the needs of its students: there is a preschool program, a full- day Kindergarten program, as well diverse programming. We continually focus our energy on our students. Every attempt is made to address the whole child and we take our responsibility of caring for our students very seriously.

Our Inclusive Education department actively engages parents in process of making school a positive experience for struggling students. There are policies and procedures dealing with bullying, harassment, and discipline. We have an early literacy program. An enriched Music program is offered beginning in grade 4.  As a Catholic School, we hold regular liturgies, masses, and endeavor to act as role models for our students. We reflect our Christian values in the programs we offer, the way we interact with each other, with our students, parents and our community. We strive everyday to make school a safe, productive, and positive experience for our students and we thank our parents for entrusting their children into our care each and every day.