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ATCO Walking Track

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Relaunch Date: 

The targeted reopening date of the MRC is Monday July 13th and will run Monday to Friday 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM and closed on weekends. 

Available Activities at the MRC on July 13th:

ATCO Walking/Running Track 

Pickleball, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball, Spin bikes, Rowing machines and some some portable equipment (weights)

*Users can potentially book more than one activity during their booking slot. For example, a user may wish to book the running track and a portable equipment spot to do running and weighted activities (dumbbells or kettlebells). 

What are Activities are not available at the MRC on July 13th?
Pembina and Trevita Arenas, The Rotary Club of Slave Lake Play Place, Mini Rink and Multi-Purpose room will reopen at a later date. Stay tuned to the Town of Slave Lake Social Media Pages and Website for more details.

What if I dont have a booking, Can I still use the MRC?
At this time the Town of Slave Lake requests that all residents to book times at the MRC in advance. Please do not show up at the MRC without a booking.

Once I have a booking what should I do on the day of my booking?
  1. Be dressed in your appropriate attire, there are no change rooms available.
  2. Arrive no more than 5 minutes early for your pre-booked time spot. Any earlier and Town staff will ask you to wait outside until your booking time.
  3. Bring your water bottle with your name labelled on it (also, if you leave it behind,  Town staff will be immediately disposing of it).
  4. When you arrive at the MRC, during your allotted time, please enter through the door labelled ENTER. We ask all residents to check in at the front desk. The Town also encourages residents to respect social distancing if there is a line. There will be clearly marked areas to wait in line. 
  5. Town staff will assign you a designated place to change into your indoor shoes.
  6. Town Staff, at the front desk, with provide you with any required equipment you may need for your booking  (rackets, balls, weights, etc). All items will be fully sanitized after each use.
Once I'm done with my activity what should I do? 

Residents are asked to finish their activity and exit the Multi-Rec Centre within 5 minutes of the next booking hour starting. 
  • Example: If you have booked the running track for a 1 hour time slot, at 11:00 AM, you will need to arrive at your pre-booked time and be completed your activity and have exited the building by 11:55 AM. 

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