Why do we have a siren?
The Town of Slave Lake has installed the siren as part of its emergency notification system. It will only be used when there is potential or immediate concern for personal, property or environmental safety. Its purpose is to alert residents and visitors so they can check other information sources for details on what to do.

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1. Why do we have a siren?
2. What does the sound of the siren mean?
3. What do I do when I hear the siren?
4. Who decides when to activate the siren?
5. Is there an emergency every time I hear the siren?
6. How long will the siren sound when there is an emergency?
7. Where is the siren located?
8. In what parts of town can I hear the siren?
9. What does the siren sound like?
10. How loud is the siren?
11. Can the siren damage hearing?