Rules of Residence

Local Authorities Election Act, Section 48

A person’s place of residence for this Act is governed by the following rules:

  • a person may be a resident of only one place at a time for the purposes of voting under this Act;
  • if a person has more than one residence in Alberta, that person shall designate one place of residence as the person's place of residence for the purposes of this Act;
  • the residence of a person is the place where the person lives and sleeps and to which, when the person is absent, the person intends to return;
  • a person does not lose the person's residence by leaving the person's home for a temporary purpose;
  • A student who:
  • attends an educational institution within or outside Alberta;
  • temporarily rents accommodation for the purpose of attending an educational institution; and
  • has family members who are resident in Alberta and with whom the student ordinarily resides when not attending an educational institution, is deemed to reside with those family members.

A person shall designate the person's place of residence in accordance with the following factors in the following order of priority:

  • the address shown on the person’s driver's license or motor vehicle operator’s license issued by or on behalf of the Government of Alberta or an identification card issued by or on behalf of the Government of Alberta;
  • the address to which the person’s income tax correspondence is addressed and delivered; or
  • the address to which the person’s mail is addressed and delivered.

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