What is TIPP?

TIPP is a program available to property owners which allows you to pay your property tax on a monthly basis rather than in a lump sum payment.  Monthly payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account ( Other options available).  TIPP can make budgeting easier and minimizes the risk of late payment penalties.  Certain conditions apply to qualify for the TIPP program.

As long as you have an account in good standing and ALL prior amounts owing are fully paid you may qualify to enter the TIPP program. 

For property owners who are NOT currently on TIPP, they may wish to consider signing up for TIPP as an alternative payment method to paying a lump sum.


Payment using the TIPP program

Assuming you qualify and can start in June the payments required would be spread out from June until December. A $3,100 tax notice due by August 31st , 2020, could instead be paid in monthly installments of $443 over the period of June to December.  This does require payments be made in June, July and August, however using this method only $1,329 is paid by August with the remaining amounts paid September to December.  Other conditions apply if you are interested in the TIPP program please contact us.

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1. What is TIPP?
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