What is the importance of good lot grading?

Good lot grading keeps surface water away from your home and your weeping tile system. Ideally a lot should be sloped steeply away from the home in a way that allows surface water to flow onto town property (e. g. , streets and lanes), rather than onto a neighbouring property. A disconnected downspout and sump pump should discharge at least 15 feet away from the home to ensure water does not seep down the side of the house and into the home's weeping tile. 

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1. I have installed a backwater valve, have a sump pump, and good lot grading, but I still get flooded. Why did this happen?
2. The downspout from my eavestrough is connected to the sewer pipe. Should it be disconnected?
3. What is the importance of good lot grading?
4. How does stormwater flooding cause my sanitary sewer to back up? Are there not two separate drainage systems?
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6. I live in an older neighbourhood. My neighbour has built a new house with a higher surface elevation than surrounding properties. Are there set standards for drainage elevation, and what should I do?
7. My neighbour's re-graded lot is higher than mine. What should I do to prevent flooding on my property?
8. My neighbour's new sidewalk is at a higher elevation and water runs into my yard. What should I do?