How long do I have to fix the deficiencies?

In your Lot Grading Letter a timeline will be outlined for the correction of any outstanding deficiencies.. If an inspection occurs late in the season, the due date for correction is automatically adjusted to the following year.

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1. I had my grading approved, and the neighbours construction/grading damaged mine. Who is responsible for fixing it?
2. Does the Town of Slave Lake provide Lot Grading Certificates?
3. How much topsoil do I need to get final grade?
4. Can I use washed rock, decorative rock, or bark chips to bring the land up to final grade?
5. Do I need to book an appointment for an inspection?
6. Do I need to be present for the inspection?
7. Can I meet the Lot Grading Inspector on site?
8. Can I plant flowers and flower beds before the inspector comes out?
9. How long do I have to fix the deficiencies?
10. How do I fix the deficiencies?
11. What happens if I have laid down sod and the Inspection fails? Do i have to rip up all the sod?
12. Is there a charge for lot grading inspections or re-inspections?
13. I have my grading ready for inspection, and then it rained. My grading is damaged/settled. Am I required to fix it?
14. How early or late in the season does the Town of Slave Lake do lot grading inspections?