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We are seeking Merchandisers to visit Walmart stores for our major entertainment client. Duties will require tiding up and facing product posting Sales Tags and pricing deals. This is a 1 hour visit The date is June 29th to go into Walmart. Pay rate is $ 20 for 1hour.This could be a 1 year contract. Please send your resume and photo
Posted by Denise McDonald on Jun 21, 2018 at 2:19 PM


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Slave Lake Alberta, Canada

  1. 10 Main Street SW Box 1030

    Slave Lake, AB  T0G 2A0

    8:15AM to 12PM - 1PM to 4:15PM

    (Monday - Friday)

    Office Phone: 780-849-8000

Emergency After Hours Phone

  1. Water and Sewer: 780-805-5225

    Roads and Sidewalks: 780-849-1631

    Media Requests: 780-805-6393

Vision Statement

  1. “Slave Lake is committed to building opportunities by growing business, industry and population, while promoting ourselves and our exceptional quality of life.” 

Mission Statement

  1. “Working Together, Building a Better Community”
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