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Posted on: April 23, 2021

Fix Our Highways Letter Campaign

fix our highways

We’re glad that you want to help fix our Highways.

It is important for Albertans to be able to be heard from their elected officials. Because of this, writing letters to those officials can be extremely effective in allowing your voice to be heard. If you have concerns regarding the state of the Highways within the Slave Lake region, then it is important to express those concerns. Currently only a 14km overlay is proposed for repair, however the damage of the highway extends much farther than that.

We have supplied a pre-made letter highlighting the scope of the damage that you can copy and paste, and simply sign your own name and today’s date to it. If you would like to add to the letter, or even write your own that is encouraged as well.

Be sure to email the letter to the Minister of Transport Ric McIver, and cc Premier Jason Kenney, MLA Dan Williams, MLA Pat Rehn, as well as us so we can see how well everything is running. All the contact info is located below. 

We have also supplied an extensive library of photos of our damaged highways. We encourage you to take and attach a few of these photos to your letter. If you have your own with exactly where they are located, then that is even better. 

Instructions can be found below.  

Send the letter to this email:


Copy these emails and paste them into the CC:


Subject title:

Concerns in repairs of Provincial Highways in Slave Lake Area

Link to damaged highway photos that can be attached to the letter:


Attached below is a copy of the pre-made letter that can be copy and pasted with the addition of your name and date. The same letter is typed out here which can also be copied and edited.

Copy of Letter:


Honourable Rajan Sawhney
Minister of Transportation
Office of the Minister
320 Legislature Building
10800-97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5K 2B6

(Enter Todays Date)

Re: Concerns in repairs of Provincial Highways in Slave Lake Area

This letter is to address concerns within the community with the limited scope of the Highway 2 repairs and the lack of information regarding repair for Highway 88, which are provincially run highways in the Lesser Slave Lake area. Highway 2 and Highway 88 are in a condition of disrepair and have become a serious safety concern to the residents of the Town of Slave Lake, as well as those residing and doing business in the region. We are concerned to learn that the limited overlay of 14kms of repair on Highway 2 will not reach the most damaged areas, as well as the lack of information for Highway 88 repairs.

The Town of Slave Lake is a major hub for many surrounding communities located within the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River, Big Lakes County, Municipal District of Opportunity, and several First Nations. Inhabitants from all these areas travel these highways to obtain access to shopping, medical appointments, and employment. Regular commuting for everyone within the community is occurring far beyond the proposed 14 km overlay daily.

The highways are riddled with potholes, cracks and crumbling pavement that have caused serious damage to vehicles.  The current state of these roadways creates a constant fear while trying to safely operate a vehicle on them. We have learned that Highway 88 currently has no work planned for repairs; this is one of the two highways that are adjacent to our community that remains heavily damaged.

We are driving our vehicles to avoid the worst of the damaged roadways in an effort to reduce wear and damage on our vehicles. This causes safety concerns, as we must be focused on the condition of the pavement, instead of our entire driving environment. This makes the risk of an accident far too high when we are simply trying to commute and work.

Our community and region feel there is much more work to be done to bring the regions roadways to a safe condition then what is currently planned.  We ask Alberta Transportation to seriously consider investing in improvements for Highway 2 and Highway 88 within our region, far beyond what is already proposed.

Attached is a picture of the map of our highways with colour-indicated areas of concern. The green and yellow portions of Highway 2 are all that is currently planned for repair. Also attached are pictures of our damaged highway that need to be repaired immediately.


(Enter your name)

Attached: Map, Pictures, and specific locations of our damaged highway


Jason Kenney
Premier of Alberta

Dan Williams
MLA, Peace River

Pat Rehn
MLA, Lesser Slave Lake

Town of Slave Lake

Road Repair map

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