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Aug 30

6th Ave. S.E Construction

Posted on August 30, 2016 at 2:15 PM by Jordan Schenkelberg

So August brought a lot of rain which really slowed up our road construction.  More than one parent has called concerned about school routes tomorrow especially in the SE.  6 Ave Sw is complete and the road is finished.  2nd Ave NW in front of Plaza 2000 is open and although a few items need to still be completed will be open for traffic tomorrow. 

The SE is a little more tricky.  By tomorrow morning we are planning to have 6 Ave SE open from 6st (East Side Convenience Store) all the way to Highway 88.  Parents will still need to use Highway 88 for a few days so leave a little early.  6 Ave SE from Main street and across the bridge will be open FOR BUSSES ONLY.  This should help move traffic tomorrow and get things moving along.  We are still expecting to have the majority of the work done and complete within the next couple of weeks.  12 St SE underground work has been a big issue with so much rain, but the crews are working hard to try and catch up. 

A reminder as well the bridge over CJ Schurter in the SE is still being fixed and is not expected to be back in place until about the 12 of September.  Remember to leave a little early tomorrow, drive slow and keep your eyes open.  Lots of kids excited to get to school, hang out with friends and show everybody their new sneakers.  Keeping an eye out for vehicles might not be at the top of the list so drive safe. 

Thanks to all for the patience but trying to fit 7 years of paving into one has been a bit of an exercise in planning.  I’m sure we are all looking forward to it being complete!!


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