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Aug 19

2nd Ave. N.W. Construction

Posted on August 19, 2016 at 4:15 PM by Jordan Schenkelberg

Just wanted to do a quick update on what is happening on 2 Ave in the NW. 

This road was to be fixed about ten years ago, but at the time the residents and businesses in the area voted it down.  We were able to secure recovery money for the project and are now making some much needed repairs to our underground infrastructure, new road base, pavement and cobblestone, in the area.

When completed it will look beautiful and luckily it comes at no cost to our local tax payers.  I know that construction can be frustrating, especially when you have a business and are trying to drive traffic to your front door.  The Town recognizes that frustration and our plan is to get this road construction done as quickly as possible. Construction is at the mercy of mother nature and with so much rain over the past few weeks, it has definitely slowed things up.  The Town is committed to making sure we do our best to get this done as quickly as possible and we really want to stress that these businesses along 2 Ave ARE STILL OPEN.  We have put up signs along the temporary fencing advertising all the businesses.  Council partnered with local students to get some signs done up that have been posted along the temporary fencing reminding people these businesses are still open.

To encourage walking traffic, we have installed benches and added flower pots along the cobblestone.  Parking has become an issue, but there is still available parking in the Royal Bank parking lot, between Dom’s and Toni Roz and west of the old bowling alley (Central Plumbing Building).

We have also worked with our contractor to provide a “shuttle service” to get consumers from these parking areas to our great local businesses.  If you want a ride call 780-516-0941 and during day time hours they will help get you to and from your destination.  

Town Council, and Administration understands the frustration construction has causes to businesses, their customers and area residents.  We will continue to try and be as accommodating as possible, while maintaining safety while construction equipment and crews are working to upgrade the infrastructure in these areas.


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