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Aug 19


Posted on August 19, 2016 at 4:13 PM by Jordan Schenkelberg

Well its been a while since I have written a blog and I apologize as it’s long over due.  Sometimes I find it hard to find stuff to write about, but over the next few weeks you will hear about changes to the garbage, utility rates and billing.  We have some open houses planned for September, and my future blogs will focus in on those topics. 

We also will be starting budget this fall so I am sure I will be looking for feedback on that issue. With that being said its nice to write about something a little different, and I thought I would touch on one subject that isn’t talked about much in this blog.

Relationships in life are important, and in politics I think its no different.  I have had the pleasure of working with some great people, who sometimes have different priorities, expectations, goals and ways of thinking. 

When I run into these situations I can either try to bend them to see my way of thinking, or I can learn to be a better listener and try and understand their point of view.  To be honest most days I try to do both!  One of my proudest accomplishments during my term in office has been just how well we have built up our relationship with the MD of Lesser Slave River and the Sawridge First Nation. 

When I was first elected, I didn’t show these the reeve and the chief the respect they deserved.  It had always felt like we were trying to fight over the same small piece of pie.  It was very small minded and rarely did we got things accomplished. 

It wasn’t until we decided to try a new approach that I began seeing them in a different light. Instead of trying to figure out how to get a bigger piece, we began working together to build a bigger pie altogether.

Our relationship continues to grow and all three entities have recognized the power of working together.  What has been even more fantastic for me is that I know have a deeper respect for these gentleman and consider them friends.  Recently we took our second annual canoe trip.  One day the three of us were sitting around having a beverage together and I brought up the fact how I would love to take my son on a canoe trip down the river. 

Chief Twinn offered to be our guide and so off we went, three leaders with their sons in tow (or whoever we opted to bring).   Last year was our first trip and I loved it.  What was really cool was everybody decided to do it again.  We started at 7 am in the morning in a freighter canoe (Thanks for the usage of the canoe Northern Lakes College) and launched at the Weir on the river.  By 2:30 that afternoon (approx. 40 km later) we hit the Saulteaux.  Along the trip we saw eagles, bears, beavers, deer and even caught a few fish.  My ten-year-old son carved a spear in the front of the canoe.  We told jokes, shared stories and made some memories. 

Our relationship is unique, and it’s not easily found anywhere in Canada.  It works because we put in the effort.  It works because we all want wants best for our people, and more often than not those are the same things.  We respect each others individualism but know that the word community is usually bigger than what fits in our borders.  I am quite proud of this relationship and I hope all those reading it feel that way too. 


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