Ongoing Projects

Updated: March 5th, 2018

Regional Waterline Intake and Pumping Station is on schedule. All below grade walls are now poured as well as the grade level floor, which completes the concrete work. The next phase will be to perform a leak test on the underground cellar and start the building fabrication. Leak test starting on March 9 and the building fabrication scheduled for a March 19 start.

Regional Waterline Pipeline project construction is well under way. Surveying work is at 80%, brush clearing is at 75%. To date we have installed 3.2 km's (out of 10km) of pipe using the HDD method and have installed 1.3 km's (out of 7km) of pipe using the open cut trenching method.

Main Street North Water Line replacement project construction has been at a standstill for the past 4 weeks due to the cold weather. The main line pipe along the south end of Main Street and along Tamarack Road up to the 8 St intersection is complete and tied in to the existing water lines at each end and was filled with water 2 weeks ago. A successful pressure test was done on the main section of line last week. The next steps are to go back and inter-connect to the existing Balsam Road line and then hot tap the 3 remaining new fire hydrants to complete the main line.

Engineering and design on the Road Rehabilitation on 5 Ave NW between 5 St and 8 St NW is in progress. Expecting to go out to tender this week and should have an idea on the construction costs in about 2 weeks..

Sewage Lagoon Upgrade Project is in the detailed engineering phase. The first phase of the earth works contract is almost ready to send out to tender (end of March) and that will include the work to be done during 2018, which will include turning the drying cell into an active cell, empty and reconstruct the 3 existing active cells and all new inter-cell underground piping. The existing cell re-construction will be done one cell at a time so the remaining cells can remain in service. We are also currently working with the SAGR equipment supplier on the detailed design and to begin procuring their equipment for the new system.

CN Rail light upgrades on the Main Street crossing are near completion and should be in service by the end of this week..

CN Rail track replacement project through town is complete now, but has left 2 crossings higher than before, so we met with CN to discuss this issue. Talked to the northern Alberta track supervisor and he has committed to doing a permanent repair on both crossings as soon as the snow and ice disappears. If we require an interim repair, he will come and lay down some cold patch. As of today, a cold patch would not be feasible and would not stay in place.

Working on the 10 year Capital Budget Plan.