Ongoing Projects

Updated: August 24th

Regional Waterline Intake and Pumping Station is on schedule. The interior mechanical piping and installation of the process equipment and piping is complete and the electrical is nearing completion. The in the lake work is complete and the inlet lines and discharge lines have been connected and backfilled. The underground electrical on site and the Atco Power transformer are complete and hoping to energize this week and the gas line will be installed this week. The site grading, parking lot gravel and site fencing will be done over the next couple of weeks. Site Commissioning is scheduled to start around September 1.

Regional Waterline Pipeline Project construction is also nearing completion. The contractor has 100% of all pipeline in the ground with an overall completion of about 97%. The bulk of the remaining work is the end to end connections of the Horizontal Directional Drilled lines of which there are still 8 connections to be done, mainly along the Sawridge Road. This project has slowed down over the past couple of months due to the very wet conditions along Southshore Drive, but with that section now complete, the progress is back on track.

Main Street North Water Line Replacement Project has ramped up again. The smaller 4” line has been installed using HDD along Main street all the way out to the vicinity of The Point Marina. The next steps will be to move down the line and hot tap the one remaining new fire hydrant and 2 customers on the main line on Tamarack Road, then start connecting the existing customers along Main Street out to The Point Marina. The TOSL work scope will stop at the TOSL and MDLSR border on Main Street and the MD will finish the line off going north to The Point.

5 Ave NW between 5 St and 8 St NW Road Rehabilitation Project contract has been awarded and the construction start date is Aug 15 and projected completion date is mid -October. Road closure notices have been issued and door to door notices have been delivered as well as regular updates on website and Facebook. Preliminary work to relocate some Atco and Eastlink underground utility lines is complete.

5 Ave and 5 St NE Road Rehabilitation Project is complete including the landscaping repairs. We have a sod watering program in place that will hopefully keep the sod alive until it catches at which time the residents must take over maintenance of the sod. Letters were hand delivered to each resident asking them to water the sod patches in their yard.

Sewage Lagoon Upgrade Project RFP was sent out and we received 4 valid bids at the close date of Aug 9 and we are in the process of evaluating the bids to select the successful vendor and hoping to bring a Report to Council this week to seek the award of the contract. The project scope is to turn the drying cell into an active cell, empty and reconstruct and install HDPE liners in the 3 existing active cells and all new inter-cell underground piping. The existing cell re-construction will be done one cell at a time so the remaining cells can remain in service. Council awarded the contract to the SAGR equipment supplier for the detailed design and to begin procuring their equipment for the new system.

CN Rail Main Street, 3 St SW and 7 St SE Crossings repair works are in progress with the landscaping repairs complete. The concrete repair/replacement work on all 3 crossing is now complete as well and was part our 2018 Sidewalk Repair Program. CN is cooperating with us on this and has approved the CN Work Agreements to work inside their right of way. We will continue to work with CN as they are responsible for the asphalt repairs now that the concrete work is now complete, CN has arranged for the asphalt work to be done, but the local paving contractor will not have an asphalt plant in town until they start the airport overlay, so the CN crossings will have new asphalt when the airport overlay work starts in September. CN is paying 100% for all the landscaping repairs and the concrete replacement on all 3 crossings, but the TOSL is managing this work. CN is managing and directly paying for the asphalt work.

2018 Sidewalk Repair Program is nearing completion and should be demobilized by the end of this week. We worked on 54 sites, including the 3 CN Rail crossings and the MRC front sidewalk that had cracked. We have managed to stay on budget. Notices for this work were in the local paper and posted on the TOSL website.

Water Treatment Plant Leaking Roof Repairs went out for tender and have a Report to Council in tonight’s agenda to award the work and scheduled to have the work completed by the end of September.

Hilltop Reservoir Piping Replacement Project was kicked off a couple weeks ago and in the early stages of establishing the work plan and scope of work. Engineering and design to take place in 2018 with the tender package going out in Q1, 2019 and construction scheduled for Q2 or Q3, 2019.

Sawridge Lift Station Modifications are in the design stage and hoping to have the modifications completed by the end of the year. This work includes installing a rail track system on the stairs to easily remove the “Muffin Monster” grinder pump for servicing as well as installing a new recirculation pump to reduce the frequency of cleaning the cells. The scope of work also includes repairing and putting back into service the second discharge line to the sewage lagoon as it has been out of service for a while.

Town Shop Yard – Salt Water Remediation Work is in progress and going well with the results trending in the right direction. Pending results of the 2018 pumping season, we will hopefully go into monitoring only mode next summer, which will cut the costs in half for this work.

Working with LSL Regional Housing Authority on the detailed scoping of the proposed Affordable Housing multifamily complex that is being considered for the Town of Slave Lake. The one company being considered for the construction of the prefabricated modules has gone into receivership, so the project is now being re-evaluated with the Alberta Government folks. We are continuing with the detailed scope of work document and preparing the RFP documents to have them ready when we have permission to proceed.