Municipal Sustainability Plan

View the Town of Slave Lake Sustainability Plan to 2035 (PDF).

Municipal Sustainability Plan

The Process

The Town of Slave Lake established a Growth Management Task Force of nearly thirty residents from different sectors of the community. The Task Force met and subsequently formed smaller stakeholder groups. These stakeholder groups had a series of meetings at which they defined indicators for each of the key strategy areas.

Five Steps to a Municipal Sustainability Plan

  1. Vision: Identifying a future vision for the Town of Slave Lake.
  2. Success: Identifying key strategy areas and what success looks like in each area.
  3. Current Reality: Identifying where the Town is at currently for each strategy area.
  4. Action Plan: A list of actions and initiatives that will help achieve their vision.
  5. Implement/Monitor: Implementing/monitoring action towards achieving their vision.

Get Involved

Do you want to be more involved in the future direction and growth of Slave Lake but are not sure how you can help? If so, The Town of Slave Lake would like to hear from you. We need your ideas, your input and your passion.

To get involved please contact Laurie Skrynyk, Director of Planning and Development for the Town of Slave Lake at 780-849-8019.