Designated Manufactured Homes

This information pertains to Designated Manufactured Homes located at one of the trailers parks Lynnwood and Westside. Under the Municipal Government Act, designated manufactured homes include manufactured homes, mobile homes, modular homes and travel trailers.

In most circumstances, all designated manufactured homes are assessable and taxable. This does not include land; the owner of the park is responsible for paying taxes on the land. The fee that you pay to the mobile home park is only for the pad/lot that you are renting to place your trailer on, this does not include water and sewer services or property tax. Homes that are moved into the municipality in the trailer parks must fill in the Manufactured Mobile Home Change Report, so that they are assessed and taxed accordingly. If you buy or sell your mobile home, you must also fill in the form.

Taxes are the responsibility of the current owner of the home, even if there are taxes in arrears. Always ensure that any outstanding taxes have been paid in full prior to purchasing a designated mobile home.