What if I Don't Agree With My Assessment?

Try These First

If you don’t agree with your assessment, you can:
  • Compare your Assessment to Similar Properties.
  • The assessment roll, which shows all property values within the Town of Slave Lake, is open for inspection during regular business hours at the Town Office.
  • Talk to the Assessor.
Contact the Assessor from KCL via their Online Form. This ensures that the assessor gets all the required information. You can also call the above listed numbers as well.

File a Written Appeal

If you are still certain that your assessment does not reflect what your property would likely sell for on the open market, you may file a written appeal to Assessment Review Board. On the back of your Combined Assessment and Tax Notice it shows the deadlines and steps you must take to file a formal complaint.

View and download the Assessment Review Board Complaint Form (PDF).

Please Note

Under the Municipal Government Act, Section 460(6). "There is no right to make a complaint about any tax rate." This means that you cannot appeal your taxes because you feel that they are too high. You only may appeal the assessment. To avoid penalty charges, you must first pay your taxes by June 30th even if you plan to appeal your assessment.

Assessment Appeal Fees

  • Residential: $50 per parcel
  • Non-Residential: $100 per parcel