Business Licences

Thinking of joining our vibrant business community? We are confident you will find the Town of Slave Lake has what you need in terms of resources, capital, infrastructure and capacity to build and expand your business ideas. To fill out business license application online please click here

Business Licence Fees

Type of Business Licence Fee 
Licence Fee
(Half Year) 
After June 30th
Cannabis Retail Sales $140 $70
Carnival Rate 1-5 Days
Daily Rate of $100 per day 
after 5 days to a maximum 
of $20,000
$500 N/A
Farmers Market $140 $70
Event/Festival  $140 $70
General Business $140 $70
Hawker/Peddler $500 N/A
Mobile 8+ Days $100 N/A
Mobile 1 to 7 Days $50 N/A
Trade Show $140 $70
Non-Resident General  $420 $210
Non Resident Mobile 1-7 Days $75 N/A
Non Resident Mobile 8+ Days $150 N/A
Home Based Business $140 N/A 

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