Operations Weekly Schedule

May 24th-May 27th Tentative Schedule

May 24th-May 27th Public Works Tentative Schedule
Residential Lawn sweeping/yard clean-up throughout the week if weather permits.

  • Lawn sweeping will be starting in Northwest Residential, going clock-wise. Once NW is complete, they’ll be moving onto NE, SE, and then SW. Notice will go out ahead of time indicating where sweeping will be occurring.
  • There is no definitive time-frame on how long each quadrant takes, as it depends on weather conditions, offloading frequency, sweeper maintenance, and the amount of vehicles parked on the street. 
  • If vehicles are parked on residential streets when Street Sweepers are commencing Lawn Sweeping, please be courteous and move your vehicle for efficient clean-up. Stay posted for information on where crews will be if lawn sweeping begins.
  • Lawn sweeping will only be done on properties that had snow stored on their lawn throughout this past winter season (odd house numbers.) Please refer to our odd year Snow Storage map below.
For everybody’s safety we ask the public to please be considerate while crews conduct their work. When approaching work crews on the street please be cautious, slow down and pass only when it is safe to do so from a reasonable/safe distance.

Weather dependent. This schedule may be subject to change.