Downtown Revitalization Project

The project aligns strategically with Community Building. It aims to simulate growth and activity on Main Street at the Downtown core benefiting our community with socio-economic growth. The initiative was first identified in the Main Street and Downtown Area Structure Plan developed in 2017. The Area Structure Plan provides a framework for revitalization of Downtown and Main Street areas and outlines a series of catalyst projects to trigger private sector investments in the Town’s downtown core. The revitalized public plaza will allow hosting events, community gatherings, and different activities like entertainment, shopping and eating experiences, etc.

Project Scope

The project includes upgrades to the existing Rennie Hall Plaza to help revitalize the downtown area. The project also includes construction of trail connecting big fish bay area to the 6th AVE. NW supporting the concept of connecting different areas of town to the downtown.

- Rennie Hall Plaza: The upgrades include potentially leveling off the raised concrete beds so that everything is at same level allowing for more room and easy setup for future community events. Other upgrades include: 

  • remove and relocate flowerpots 
  • repainting Rennie Hall Plaza 
  • decorative lights to improve the overall aesthetics 
  • installing more electrical outlets to supports big community events 
  • potential upgrades to street light posts etc. 

Partial completion of this portion of project.

- Trail Connection: The scope includes installation of Asphalt trail passing through the east end of Firehall lot connecting approach at Big Fish Bay.

Project Overview

Funding Source MSP Funding
Project Start May 2021
Project End October 2022

Project Updates

Date Status Details
March 8th, 2022 Seasonal Shutdown Administration received confirmation of the $500,000.00 Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF) grant approval. The scope will be expanded to take advantage of this funding.