Going Green

What Goes in the Blue Bag?

These items do not go in the Blue Bag:
  • Cardboard - Cereal boxes, granola bar boxes, and any kind of small cardboard box such as this does not go in the blue bag. Bundle small cardboard boxes, and either place them under the blue bag or in larger cardboard box that is being recycled.
  • Glass - Any kind of glass. The bags are sorted by hand, broken glass is dangerous. All glass   should be taken to the recycle station.

How to Place the Blue Bag for Pick Up

  • Blue bags are placed separate from regular garbage, approximately a meter away, so that the dump truck has easy access to regular garbage for pick up.
  • Do not put your blue bag inside your regular garbage bags.
  • There are two trucks that come around the same day. One is for garbage and one is for the blue bag program.

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