Library History

The Slave Lake Municipal Library opened in 1974 and was originally housed in the Roland Michener Secondary School. In 1981 the library was able to separate from the school and opened in its own space at 201 Main Street, but that space was small and required patrons to climb a steep set of stairs. In 1985, the Town of Slave Lake built an addition of 4000 square feet to the town office and the library relocated to 2nd Street NE. e library would be accessible to all. In 1998, the Town of Slave Lake and the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River formed a joint board, called the Slave Lake Regional Library Board which would govern the Slave Lake Municipal Library, as well as the Smith Community Library and the Flatbush Community Library. In 1999, the library joined the Peace Library System.

Growth of the Library

With the growth in the population of Slave Lake and the addition of new technology to the library in the form of public computers, it became evident that the Slave Lake Municipal Library was no longer large enough to accommodate the needs of the community. Fundraising started in 2007 to build a new and larger library. Located in the new Government Centre, adjacent to the Town offices, it opened in December 2009. The Rotary Club of Slave Lake fund-raised extensively for the library building, and as result the new library was renamed The Rotary Club of Slave Lake Public Library. This centre was a hub for the community and was in a convenient, central location so the library was easily accessible to everyone. During the wildfire of May 2011, the Town offices and library were destroyed. The library borrowed a bookmobile for the summer of 2011, and was then moved to a temporary location across the road from the Government Centre, which opened in January 2012.