Utility Deferral Program

The Town of Slave Lake understands theses are challenging times for families and businesses.  In order to provide some relief during this unprecedented time, the Town of Slave Lake has implemented a utility deferral program effective April 21st.  This will affect your March invoice that is due on Friday April 24th.  Your April invoice, that will be mailed out in May and set to be due May 29th and the May invoice that will be sent out in June and set to be due June 26th.  Penalties will be reinstated on the June invoice that is set to be due on July 24th.  All invoices  sent out over the next two months will have due dates on them, however the Town of Slave Lake will not charge penalties any accounts that fail to pay invoices by the due dates over the next two months.

If you are able to pay your utility invoices on time, we encourage you to do so. 

Arrears letters will still be sent out to all accounts with an overdue balance.