Lot Grading Inspections


Within ten (10) business days of receipt of the Lot Grading Certificate and once the Lot Grading Certificate Review is complete, the Planning Department will conduct a Lot Grading Inspection. 

The Town must be able to inspect the lot grades and compare the Lot Grading Certificate with the physical site conditions before we can issue a letter with respect to compliance. As such, inspections will not be conducted during winter months due to frost and snow i.e. Nov 1st to May 31st The process of frost heaving can alter the overall appearance of your lot, therefore leading to a misrepresentation of your actual grades.

Development Deposits will be held until such time as the required inspection is complete and a letter of compliance or non-compliance is issued. 

The landowner is not required to be present during the inspection. Please rest assured, that the Town’s inspectors do not enter any buildings and will only evaluate the overall development and the lot grading to ensure compliance with the Town’s Development Standards and Procedures and the Subdivision Design Grades. 

If deficiencies are noted, a letter will be sent advising you that there are lot grading alterations required. Once the required grading work is completed, you must request a re-inspection by contacting the Town’s Planning Department at 780-849-8004. The Planning Department will conduct two (2) inspections of the Lot Grading at no charge to the landowner/developer. All other additional inspections required will be charged at a rate of $125.00/inspection. 

The Town could ask for a new or revised Lot Grading Certificate when any of the following occurs: 

  • errors (incomplete or unclear information on the Lot Grading Certificate); 
  • discrepancies or errors in design and/or as-built elevations that require confirmation; 
  • red-line revisions to the Lot Grading Plan that are not reflected on the Lot Grading Certificate. 

Should my Sod be laid before or after my Final Grade is inspected? 

Final grades can be inspected at the topsoil stage OR after your sod has been laid. The Town has no preference and can inspect at either stage. However, if you choose to install sod prior to your inspection and your final grade fails due to deficiencies, it will likely require more work to correct the grading because you will have to first pull up your sod. 

As a general rule, the acceptable amount of topsoil that should be placed on top of an approved rough grade is about 10 to 15 centimeters (4 to 6 inches), and you should follow the same slopes that your Builder has established for the rough grade. 

What will happen if my Final Grade is not inspected and approved? 

If you choose to forego your lot grading responsibilities, your property will be filed as non-compliant as per our current Land Use Bylaw; and you may experience monetary fines, delays in house sale transactions, or drainage disputes with your neighbors.