Lot Grading Certificate - Required Information

A Lot Grading Certificate MUST display the following information: 

  • Document Title- “Final Lot Grading Certificate”; 
  • ‘revised’ added to the title of the document for revised certificate submissions; 
  • survey or re-survey date; 
  • certification by a Professional acceptable to the Town of Slave Lake (i.e. Alberta Land Surveyor or a          Professional Engineer) (Stamp, Seal, & Signature) 
  • name of the company or individual that produced the Certificate; 
  • legal land description and municipal address of the property; 
  • all structure (s)/parking pad layout; 
  • proposed and final grades around structure(s), at the corners of the lot, throughout the lot, and on the         property boundaries; 
  • invert grades of swales, if applicable; 
  • slope percentages around the foundation and throughout the lot; 
  • drainage directional arrows; 
  • drainage easements and Right-of-Ways; 
  • north arrow; 
  • legend; and 
  • reference to geodetic datum.