Grading Your Property

Rough Grades 

This stage includes back filling the foundation walls and shaping the lot to conform to the design of the approved Lot Grading Plan. 

Lot Grading Certificates prepared at rough grade will be automatically rejected. 

Lot Grading Stakes

Final Grades 

This stage includes the placement of topsoil respecting the shaping of the lot to conform with the design of the approved Lot Grading Plan. 

If rocks, wood chips, or other porous decorative material is planned for use in the final landscaping, the underlying clay base (rough grade) must be raised to final grade elevations before laying this material. It is highly recommended that the top 7 to 20 cm of final grade is not comprised of porous material i.e. rock, wood chips, etc., because surface water can flow through those materials. 

It is also recommended that landscape contractors avoid placing these materials at the design and typical as-built locations to enable the surveyors to obtain accurate information. As-built elevations provided on bark or rock may be subject to re-certification to validate drainage functionality. 

Final Grade Approval Procedure 

The Owner arranges for a Lot Grading Certificate to be prepared by a qualified professional i.e. Alberta Land Surveyor. 

The Lot Grading Certificate is then submitted to the Town of Slave Lake for approval. 

Once the Town receives your Lot Grading Certificate from the surveyor or engineer, the Planning Department will conduct a Lot Grading Certificate Review. The review will include a comparison of the Lot Grading Certificate with the submitted and approved Lot Grading Plan, the Subdivision Design, where applicable, and with the Town’s Development Standards and Procedures. 

In most cases, the homeowner is responsible for final grading, but this will depend on the agreement between you and your Builder. All conditions of the development permit, including final grading must be completed within eighteen (18) months from the date of decision of the Development Permit. 

Lot Grading Certificates prepared at rough grade will automatically be rejected. Only Lot Grading Certificates prepared at final grade will be accepted.