Lot Grading Plan

Lot Grading Plan– Required Information 

When you are ready to submit a development permit application, you will be required to submit a Lot Grading Plan. 

The Planning Department will require the submission of a Lot Grading Plan, prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor or an Engineer, as part of an application for development when a structure/building is being developed such as, but not limited to, a house, a mobile home, an attached/detached garage, a commercial, industrial and/or an institutional building

The Lot Grading Plan must follow the Lot Grades established for your lot, where applicable (i.e. Subdivision Design Grades) as well as the Town’s Development Standards and Procedures. The Lot Grading Plan must illustrate how the water will be directed away from the foundation of your new development as well as within your overall lot. If your proposed development is considered “infill Development”, please see Chapter 7 for more information. 

Upon submission of your Lot Grading Plan, the Planning Department will complete a Lot Grading Plan Review. The Review will include a comparison of the Lot Grading Plan to the Subdivision Design Grades, where applicable, and the Town of Slave Lake’s Development Standards and Procedures. 

The Lot Grading Plan must indicate the following: 

  • the property boundary; 
  • civic address and legal land description; 
  • the proposed structure (s); 
  • existing and proposed elevations at the corners of the property, around the foundation and throughout the lot; 
  • slope percentages around the foundation and throughout the lot; 
  • drainage directional arrows.