Lot Grading

SwaleSplit (1)The Town of Slave Lake’s Property Drainage Bylaw and the Land Use Bylaw require that all residential, commercial, industrial and institutional properties are graded in accordance with the Town’s Development Standards and Procedures.

The Town’s Development Standards and Procedures are intended to provide a uniform and consistent foundation of design for those parties interested in developing land within the Town of Slave Lake. 

The Lot Grading Policy establishes the processes for the all lot grading within the Town and also includes procedures with respect to compliance. 

Lot Grading 

Flooding caused by heavy precipitation, melting snow, or runoff may pose problems for all kinds of properties. Older and newer houses, residential, commercial and industrial developments may be at risk for flooding if proper precautions i.e. lot grading are not taken. The Town encourages all builders and homeowners to take preventive measures to avoid flooding, and has set out standards for drainage and lot grading under the Town of Slave Lake’s Development Standards and Procedures. 


The Purpose of Lot Grading is to provide proper drainage away from buildings for the benefit of property owners. The Purpose of the Property Drainage Bylaw is to regulate drainage on private and public lands. 

Lot grading is the shaping of earth to allow surface water runoff to flow away from building foundations and to follow a pre-designed drainage path. Lot Grading: 

  • directs surface drainage away from structures, helping to prevent basement flooding; 
  • provides for controlled surface drainage discharge points and rate-of-flow entering public roads and storm sewer systems; and 
  • minimizes infiltration of surface water entering the sanitary sewage system. 

Lot Grading Tips:

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