Public Notices

Public hearings are an opportunity for people who are affected by projects or proposals to address Slave Lake Town Council. Public hearings are required by the Municipal Government Act as part of the adoption or amendment process for statutory plans and the land use bylaw, or other bylaw changes.

The public and other stakeholders can participate in the public hearing process by speaking in person during the public hearing, or by providing written comments on the subject matter. Written correspondence must be received by the proper department by 4:30 P.M. on the Wednesday before the public hearing.

Upcoming Public Hearings

A development permit approves the use of a site, as well as the size and location of any buildings or structures. Development permit approvals must be obtained for new construction, renovations, businesses, and changes of use to existing buildings.

A development permit is written approval from the Town of Slave Lake that your plans are in accordance to our Zoning Bylaw regulations.

Approved/Refused Development Permits