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The Town of Slave Lake works hard to keep the residents and countless visitors to the town informed of upcoming events, meetings, special hearings, and much more. The Town of Slave Lake works with multiple outlets in the community to keep residents informed. 
Lakeside Leader Ad

Lakeside Leader 

Each week the Town of Slave Lake advertises upcoming events, meeting dates, employment opportunities, grants availability, and much more. Each week residents who have a utility account with the Town of Slave Lake receive a complementary copy of the Lakeside Leader.
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BOOM FM: Mayors Minute

Each Wednesday between 8:10 AM - 8:30 AM the Mayor of Slave Lake gives a recap of events and topics that are facing the Town of Slave Lake on BOOM FM (92.7 FM). 
Past Mayor Minute 
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Town of Slave Lake Notify Me

The Town of Slave Lake wants to keep you informed of news and upcoming events. You can sign up to the Notify Me widget on the Town of Slave Lake website and keep informed via text message or your email. 
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