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Sep 27

Gloryland: Do we move ahead with upgrades?

Posted to Mayor's Blog - 2015 Blogs by Christopher Brown

The last few weeks have been quite busy, as September there is always a big push to get things moving after the summer. Council has many meetings coming up and as I write this I am in Calgary where we have been meeting with different ministries at AUMA.

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Dec 21

Working together to build a stronger Region!

Posted to Mayor's Blog - 2017 Blogs by Christopher Brown

2017 was definitely a year of getting back to normal.  With that being said I don’t truly believe this Region is one to just sit on its hands and wait for opportunity to come knocking.  Instead the people of this region goes and searches it out.  As such, we are always moving forward and our plates always have a lot on them.  

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Aug 17

Recreation Isn't Always a Money Winner

Posted to Mayor's Blog - 2018 Blogs by Christopher Brown

Well things in politics have been reasonably quiet this summer.  

That was until Thursday, and we announced the removal of some playgrounds, and things heated up pretty quickly.  My blogs are not meant to convince people we are making the right decisions, but instead share the information we have to help people understand how we made our decision.

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