Management Team

The Town of Slave Lake's Administration Department provides support to all of the various departments throughout the organization.

If you are a visitor to Slave Lake, we extend a warm welcome. Enjoy the open spaces, our lovely lake, and the friendly people of our community. If you are moving to Slave Lake, do not hesitate to contact the town office, and we will assist you in any way we can.

  1. Brian.jpg

    Brian Vance

    Chief Administrative Officer
    Phone: 780-849-8006

  2. Ruth.jpg

    Ruth Rolfe

    Director of Community Services
    Phone: 780-849-8017

  3. Laurie Skrynyk

    Laurie Skrynyk

    Director of Planning & Development
    Phone: 780-849-8019

  4. Kirsten Coutts

    Kirsten Coutts

    Administrative Services Coordinator
    Phone: 780-849-8018

  1. David.jpg

    Roland Schmidt

    Director of Finance
    Phone: 780-849-8015

  2. Doug Baird

    Doug Baird

    Project Manager
    Phone: 780-849-8029

  3. Fire Chief

    Jamie Coutts

    Fire Chief
    Phone: 780-849-4110

  4. Calvin.jpg

    Calvin Couturier

    Interim Director of Operations
    Phone: 780-849-8027